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ARCIS believes in the success of its clients as the road to its own success. ARCIS will walk with you through testing times and this commitment permeates into every individual and segment of the enterprise. In the face of fast paced growth, our clients find us not only capable of managing and harnessing change but also willing to match step with their growth plans. Contributing to client’s success by providing robust, innovative, practical solutions that enhance business control and help achieve your objectives, our value proposition stands on the following four pillars:

  • Technology Driven and Delivered
    The Customer Retention Management System (CRMS) indigenously developed by Arcis has revolutionized the back office operations management in the Indian domestic sector. Ever since it was developed 3 years ago, we have managed to engage as many as 14 life and general insurance principals who have themselves confessed on several occasions that this tech platform has delivered unsurpassed results for them. Our experience has demonstrated clearly that in the domestic BPO services arena that has so far relied heavily on manpower, technology is set to be the game changer. Our customers agree.
  • Domain knowledge & best practices
    ARCIS captures the experiences and contributions of all our people and research the verticals we service to generate insight and ideas. We share the resulting knowledge throughout our organization. This results in process efficiencies and proactive advice in relation to your own particular issues and challenges. You will have access to benchmarking, best practices and lessons learnt from our other clients around the world.
  • Value measured and delivered
    Our goal is not only to deliver value but actively to measure and demonstrate the value we add. We therefore invest time at the start of each assignment to define ‘value’ and to agree specific measures that will explicitly monitor our performance. For the client this means that the contribution made by us in the achievement of business plans can be assessed to confirm value for money.
  • Symbiotic with client agenda and objectives
    We are committed to working with clients to identify, with real clarity, their business agenda, competitive environment, objectives and challenges. We will use this understanding directly in the course of our service delivery in all areas. For individual processes, understanding your agenda enables us to perform risk assessments that focus not only on today’s issues, but also on those that may emerge in the future.
  • Co-develop effective and efficient solutions
    Maintaining independent viewpoint over processes we outsource, is, of course, essential. However, to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, we must also harness the experience and insights of your people along with ours. We will co-develop our understanding of the relevant issues with you in a spirit of trust and co-operation. This recognizes that we have a joint responsibility for the design and success of the outsourcing arrangement. We will also work with you to agree the form of our outputs and the style of our service. This ensures an effective working relationship.