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With a presence across 60 cities and a technology platform that allows resources in these geographies to link in real-time, ARCIS is serving the needs of principals in the Life Insurance space in an extremely efficient and cost-effective manner. Only a few years ago, the life insurance sector was facing severe growth challenges and it was during that period that we launched our technology platform. We have broken the traditional domestic outsourced services mould, which ran on the fax, paper and phone trio to move to mobile phone based real-time application.

Our technological platform is called Customer Retention Management System (CRMS). The application manages the complete cycle of the retention activity starting from tele-calling, fulfillment through FOS (Feet on Street) and completing the workflow with a real time MIS. It integrates resources across India into a seamless workflow and dropping geographical barriers that provides transaction flow, task management, escalation handling, MI availability and personnel monitoring on a real-time basis. Based on analytics, it offers the customer a 360-degree control on process via emails, SMSs, voice blasts, tele-calling and field management. Today, ARCIS collects/recovers a premium of over Rs. 1500 crores per annum across all buckets of portfolios.

Our technology-powered solution gave our customers the much needed control on premium collections and retention in a market that was spiraling downwards. Word of its incomparable advantages spread quickly in the industry and in a period of four short years, we began serving as many as 14 principals, a feat unmatched by any service provider in the same market.


As compared to life, general insurance has had a more challenging graph so far in the Indian insurance sector. Customers switch ever so often between service providers due to which principals need to offer highly competitive services. Arcis's technology platform has given an unparalleled advantage to these principals. As opposed to making multiple visits between inspections and cheque collection and policy signup, our technology platform has allowed these principals to do all of these in one single visit. We have broken the traditional domestic outsourced services mould, which ran on the fax, paper and phone trio to move to mobile phone based real-time application. Based on real time connectivity with the client servers, results are now possible with lesser resources and reduced turnaround time. This has translated into a major advantage to our customer principals and they have openly acknowledged this. Reliance General Insurance has done so on multiple occasions, click here to read more. Our technology has incorporated enough checks into the work-flow application making the transactions fraud-free for the General insurance industry. Not a single inspection case of the 3 Lakh conducted in the last 3 years by Arcis so far ever come back for re-investigation.


The telecommunication industry has about 820 million customer as on March 2013 and still growing. Sales always has been the driving factor for all organizations. The number portability has opened more doors for the consumers to exercise their choice freely. The traditional model comprised of cases being done with a paper/fax/phone model. Data security of the telecom database has always been of high importance. There was no proof of authenticity of the lead being done with integrity. The paper report was transmitted back at day end only, impacting turnaround time of the activation of the connection for the customer. To have the sales process move quicker, ARCIS partnered in the transformation of where it all starts, the customer on-boarding process. Technology solutions were applied on areas where bottlenecks happen in the work flow. This ensured the quick activation of the sim cards ensuring customers remain on-board. Hundreds of cases, are allocated within a few minutes within the CRMS that reach our FOS almost instantly. The ability to fill forms digitally on hand-held devices, take photographs as a proof of the visit and the GPS tracking are available to provide proof of visit to our principals. Verification Reports are transmitted in real-time into the client In-Box. The digitalization of data has made the process paperless addressing the warehousing issues. The process turnaround time has shrunk to 4-6 hours from what it was earlier i.e. 24 to 48 hours till receipt of the physical report. In the past 2 years ARCIS has done approximately 6 Lakh of physical verifications and none have been contested till now.


Since 1987, ARCIS has been the preferred services partner to leading MNC bank who pioneered residential mortgages in India. In a relationship spanning over 23 years, we have evolved along with the client and market, proactively adapting to customer needs as it exploded from being a purely sellers market to the current buyers market. Together with our mortgage client we have established process benchmarks as well automation tools for greater data transparency & control. The client prefers us to its own captive outsourcing unit in India and when it comes to rolling out new products in the market to outflank competition. Today, our operations reflect this capability through handling volumes of Rs.1800 Crores annually (peak of Rs. 225 Crores in a single month) in mortgage processing and underwriting in the prime and sub-prime markets in India.

Starting with auto loans processing, ARCIS has served the banking sector with services like mortgage, credit cards, asset securitization, retail loans, credit monitoring and appraisals and transaction processing services. The cornerstone of our success has been deep domain knowledge, partnering the client in growth spurts as well as ramp-down situations and applying value-based improvements which result in an increase in savings, turnaround time and quality.