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ARCIS is a provider of outsourcing solutions to companies in the Indian market. We have been executing assignments as a third party outsourcing vendor for over two decades with multinational clients in India. ARCIS pioneered back-office processing services long before any of the buzzwords even came into existence. Starting with back office processing for auto loans as far back as 1987, we garnered experience in products like credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, insurance and a variety of other processes in the financial services and telecom sector. Over the last few years, we have founded technology driven revolutionary real time solutions to manage geographies for Pan-India companies. With a presence across 60 cities, ARCIS is serving the needs of principals in the Life & General Insurance space in an extremely efficient, cost-effective manner without duplicating manpower.

Today our Indian operations reflect this capability through handling volumes of Rs. 10 billion annually (peak of Rs. 1.2 billion in a single month) in mortgage processing and underwriting in the prime and sub-prime markets in India and the International operations process over 16 million healthcare claims and over $1 billion of financial disbursements in a year.

ARCIS collects/recovers a premium of over Rs. 1200 crore per annum across all buckets of Life Insurance portfolios for leading principals through an operation that spans the length and breadth of the country. We have achieved this feat in a short span of a year and half and service multiple product programs across Life & General Insurance through a shared field force using a unique in-house technology platform.