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ARCIS pioneered back-office processing services long before any of the buzzwords even came into existence. We have garnered expertise in voice, non-voice, field and transaction processing for insurance, banking and telecommunication verticals during these years. Over the last 4 years alone, we have added to our client portfolio, 14 leading Life & General insurance principals, a feat unparalleled by our peers. Our technology focus has made this possible. Today, we have the only proprietary technology driven revolutionary solutions, which delivers unmatched value to our customers and gives us advantage in the marketplace. This we accomplish with an existing in-house technology team having an expertise in building operational work-flow processes.

These workflows enhance process capabilities, ultimately yielding benefits that are passed onto our customers in the form of better Turn-Around-Time and costs. We have broken the traditional domestic outsourced services mould, which ran on the fax, paper and phone trio to move to mobile phone based real-time application. This technology work-flow model enables the Call-Centre, Field Supervision, Feet on Street personnel and the MIS to be on one uniform platform. With these application, we manage our workforce spread Pan-India across 60 cities. Over the last four years, ARCIS has collected/recovered premiums on excess of Rs. 4500 crores across all buckets of insurance.